The Flower Shop in May..

May - Peonies Meaning : Most Beautiful And aren't they just that.... As we say goodbye to all the yellows, oranges and blues of the gorgeous spring flowers.. its Hello to some early summer flowers and we now fill the shop with pinks, lilacs and blues, the air is full of scented stocks and [...]

Mothering Sunday

Its all about us Mums this Sunday, I love this special Day where families everywhere come together for Sunday Lunch.. Spend time with our children and walk in the fresh air.  We are open this coming Sunday until 12:00 for you to pop in and collect your flowers, cards and gifts. We are delivering [...]

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After Valentines day proposals we are talking wedding planning….

Did you   get engaged on Valentines day?  If so talk to us about planning your wedding Flowers and Styling your Church and Venue. We have an extensive collection of items to hire to dress your tables so talk to us. Even if we don't do the flowers to compliment... you can still hire from us [...]

Useless at I T but not bad at flowers…

Not sure about you but I seem to be loosing the grip with I T.....But today I've been blessed with the most gorgeous of flowers.... that makes it all worth while. We now approach the week of love and for me after the sea of roses ( and there will be hundreds)  I just love [...]

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our advertising has started and we are priming your men…

Here at Pick A Lily we have lots of lovely new gifts and flowers in stock for you.... It couldn't be easier to pick up your cards, flowers and gifts for Valentines Day or simply call or message us and we will deliver for you next Wednesday.....Only a WEEK TO GO Guys xoxo

Love is in the air…

love is in the air and so are the thorns... this next few days are all about the roses for us, as growers push and strive for perfection on  the 14th demand grows and so do the roses. Here at Pick a Lily we are passionate about our flowers and so we pre-order from the [...]

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